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German National Visa

Spouse Visa & Family Reunion

Quick information on Spouse Visa. Certainly it needs more refinement.

Details of the documents and forms

Spouse visa is issued under rule § 30 Abs. Complete rules about Spouse visa in all scenarios are given at following link:
English translation of this rule

New requirement since year 2007

Before you enter the country that you possess a simple knowledge of German. This is to ensure that in Germany you can conduct basic communication in German from the start.

Basic knowledge of the German language is knowledge of the German language at “Competence level A1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for languages” This includes you being able to understand and use common, everyday expressions and very simple sentences (e.g. asking for directions, shopping, etc). You should be able to introduce yourself and others and ask and answer questions about personal details such as where you live or what people you know. Of course, the person you are talking to must speak clearly and be prepared to help. You should also have basic German writing skills, e.g. you should be able to enter your name, address, nationality, etc. on forms. This certificate can best be obtained at any Goethe Institute/Max Müller Bhavan in India.

NOTE: The language requirement is not there for spouse of Blue card holders.

Please see following link for exemptions allowed for language requirement:

See the attached document for more details

Learning German language in Germany

Languages courses are available in Germany at a nominal fee. more details

The cost of the integration course

One lesson on the course costs 2.35 euros. As a rule, attendees pay one euro for each lesson. The balance of 1.35 euros is paid by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees.

On a course comprising 645 lessons, the cost to attendees will be 645 euros per integration course. In certain circumstances, attendees will be exempted by the Federal Office from making a financial contribution. Ethnic German repatriates can in principal attend one whole integration course free of charge. The one-off attendance at the final test is free of charge.

Venue of Integration course:

Find the location based on your area from below link:

Student Visa Vs Dependent Visa

Query: My spouse is working in Germany and I am planning to go there with a Spouse visa, I would like to know if there is reservation for studying. Am I allowed to do my masters with spouse visa or do I need to go for a student visa. Please advice.


It is possible to go with any type of Visa i.e. Student visa or Dependent Visa. But let's discuss pros and cons of each option and decide yourself which option suits you better.

Advantages of Student Visa Vs Dependent Visa:

  1. Practically if student spouse can get/has already plan or confirmation for study. It will be much easier to get study visa directly
  2. If the working spouse has finished his/work, student spouse is in middle of his/her studies then working spouse can become dependent and have work rights too ( there are some strings attached to it)
  3. As a student one is allowed to work 20 hours per week. A dependent is not allowed to do so. (Although sometime authorities may allow also on case to case basis!!)
  4. Student visa can get the other facilities like transport etc.

Disadvantages of Student Visa Vs Dependent Visa:

  1. Student spouse has to leave the country after his/her study (this is suggested by the authorities)! Although it is also possible to get work permit after completion of study.
Surendra Jain,
Jul 5, 2010, 9:22 AM