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Here we provide you list of colleges where Indian students are studying and they can provide you an insight in the real life information. The information can be about admission procedure, hostel life, job market, placement and anything relevant to student life.. 

NOTE: We don't provide any personal guidance on admissions in Germany, so don't send any query about the same. Go through this page and websites listed for complete information.

Studying in Germany/Exchange programs

With  more than 350 state and private universities  and a colorful variety of courses. Germany is one of the leading countries in the field of research, science and technology.

About 250,000 foreign students currently study in Germany, of which about 4,200 are Indians. Most of the German universities are sponsored by the state to keep study-fees affordable, and the number of scholarships available keeps increasing. Over 500 International Degree Programmes (IDP) offer courses that are entirely or partly taught in English.

Last but not least: studies or research in Germany are a perfect way to get in touch with German companies who are all interested in employing top achievers. As German firms operate worldwide, careers with them are possible not only within Germany or India but all over the world.

Universities and "universities of applied sciences" (Fachhochschulen)

Depending on the type of education that is offered, there is a difference in Germany between universities and universities of applied sciences (Fachhochschulen). Universities generally place more emphasis on science and research. Conversely, universities of applied sciences tend to prepare their students more directly for professional and practical work. In Indian context, you can compare universities of applied sciences with Polytechnic colleges.

There are Private Universities also which occasionally high tuition fees – around 1800 to 4700 euros per semester – they are becoming an alternative to studying at a state institution. But take care! If you are seriously considering studying at a private university, you must make sure that your check that it is state-recognised. Because without this state recognition, any academic degrees you gain will not be recognised, which could lead to major problems when you start looking for a job after graduating.

Ten steps to Studying in Germany

Please go through following link to understand about various steps to study in Germany

Starting point to search for colleges

Please do proper research about University, courses and fees through any of following websites: Every university has their own acceptance policies and requirements.  So please go through the website of college of interest to know about the same.

Nine major Technical Universities: 
Various info for Indian Stuent   

FAQs about study in Germany

Please visit following link to get answers to few FAQs.

Question? Ask a virtual advisor.

DAAD  is also providing virtual advisor, click on the link below to chat.

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Student VISA

All Indian nationals who wish to travel to Germany for studying purposes require a visa prior to their departure.

Visit following link for official details about the student VISA
Important note : It is prerequisite to have a blocked account in Germany to apply for German Student VISA. So it is advised to apply for the same in advance without waiting for Admission confirmation. More details about this in next paragraph.

Health Insurance:

Health Insurance premium for students by AOK, BARMER GEK, DAK, HEK, KKH, IKK, and various health insurance funds:

Documents and procedure for the opening of a blocked account in Deutsche Bank

Please print out the attached forms, fill in all necessary fields and sign them in person exclusively at a German Embassy in order to receive a confirmed account opening document and passport copy.
For support and further proceeding please read carefully our information sheet “Notes on completing the documents”. Click here for details

International student Identify card:

This card may be helpful for accommodation etc. Please refer to website.

Are you studying in Germany? Share your experiences.

If you are an student or have been there, and you can think you can add value to this website, please write to us and we can allow you to add information.

Colleges/Universities in Germany

Indian Student's feedback on some of the colleges in Germany

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College NameDegreeCityComments / opinionComments by
Ruhr University Bochum Master of Science in Computational Engineering Bochum The course is basically conducted by the Civil department of the University. It is a nice course with good syllabus. And also I would suggest one to go through the courses provided in the website and then take the course. I am a Mechanical Engineering graduate, completed this M. Sc. course in 2006 and working in the field of CFD. Parthipan 
Christian-Albrechts University, Kiel  Kiel The CAU has established innovative, high-level support programmes for young academics involved in both pure and applied research, e.g. special summer schools, Masters and doctorate programmes taught in English.  
HHL - Leipzig Graduate School of Managemen *MBA - General Management - Full time *MBA - General Management - Part time *MSC - Management - Full time *MSC - Management - Part time *Phd - Economics & Management Leipzig * One among the top Business Schools of Germany. * HHL was the only German Business School ranked in 2009 FT European Business School ranking under the Full time MBA category. Sunil Sheriker 
The Leibniz-Institut für Polymerforschung Dresden e. V. (Leibniz Institute of Polymer Research Dresden Research Dresden The website is in English too  
Ingolstadt University of Applied Sciences Automobile engineering and many more Ingolstadt   
Eslingen University Automobile engineering and many more Esslingen   
Max-Born Institute Nonlinear optics, Laser development, surface spectroscopy, Femtosecond and Attosecond pulse generation. High energy physics. Berlin Nice Institute Anonymous 
Hof University Master : "Software Engineering for Industrial Applications"" ( M.B.A. Programme ""German Indian Management Studies"" ( Hof (Bavaria) Fur further information please contact directly the programme coordinator at Hof University Mrs. Tina Seidel (  
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