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There are about 68,500 Indians in Germany most of whom are working as professionals and self-employed. This website is dedicated to Indians in Germany to provide one stop solutions to their common queries. We intend to provide information about Germany with the context of Indians. We are Indian and understand Indians, and hence provide information in the relevant context.

The basic aim of our website is to make the stay of Indian students, employees, spouses, children etc. comfortable in Germany.

The key mantra of this website is to provide only the relevant and practical information. We would like to keep in theoretical information separate so that newcomers to Germany feel comfortable without getting lost with information overload.

Another key dimension is add information in order of

  1. Entry in Germany

  2. Living in Germany

  3. Exiting / Leaving from Germany

Based on the above theme, this website is categorized into

Living | Education | Finance

We hope that together we can make Stay in Germany comfortable for all.