Elterngeld (translated literally from German as parents' money), is a tax-financed payment for couples to encourage them to become parents, which pays an amount of money to support the costs of bringing up a child.

This allowance is applicable to child born after 1 January 2007.

Eligibility criteria

    • Possession of either a settlement permit or

    • A residence permit (Aufenthaltserlaubnis ) that permits employment

    • Parent and child are residing together in Germany

    • You do not work more than 30 hours per week during the time Elterngeld is issued

unless the residence permit for the purpose of employment (§ 18 II AufenthG) has been issued for a maximum period. According to the "Beschäftigungsverordnung" this restriction is only the case for certain jobs.

Allowance Limits

Amount ranges from 7,200 euros per annum for up to one year, rising to 25,200 euros (two-thirds of their former salary) for up to one year per child born

Minimum amount: Euro 300 per month

Maximum amount: Euro 1800 per month

Calculation method : 67 percent of the average monthly income and not more than 1800 Euro. The last 12 months prior to the birth are taken into account for measuring the average monthly income.

For parents jointly rearing their newborn, they can receive 12 months of Elterngeld for the one parent caring for the child and can receive an additional 2 months of Elterngeld for the other parent, but only when they reduce their hours of work to less than 30 per week.

Official website


Procedure to claim

Please refer to forms on official website.

External resource : bonuses and how the Elterngeld basis and Elterngeld plus can be mixed, with 2 concrete examples.


Where to submit Application form

The offices are different based on date of birth of the child. e.g. if date of birth is between 11 to 20 of the month then application needs to be submitted at following office for Munich city residents.

Bayerstraße 32,

80335 München,

Tel. 0 89/5143 - 459 / 460,

Fax 0 89/5143 - 494 / 495

E-Mail: poststelle.obb2@zbfs.bayern.de

See the complete list of offices in Germany at: