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Here we are listing all the shopping places for Indians. If you know more in your city which you would like to recommend to your fellow Indians. Please write to us and we will include the same here. If you have any review, that would also be great.

For people coming from India

You can visit online shops given below to understand the cost and availability of Grocery items in Germany. It will help you to plan your travel and what to bring from India.

Some tips:

  1. Search for the local sales online and to view up-to-date brochures of retailers with following website. You can also view stores in your area, as well as find the opening hours and local deals of these stores. It is a handy, free resource that will help you to settle into their area.

Vegetarian Restaurant’s in Germany:

We need to know that there are vegetarian dishes in most of the restaurants.. (some we may not like, some may have egg and cheese).. The best options are:

  1. Indian

  2. Turkish (no egg, but may have cheese optional) (vegetarisch Doener, vegetarisch Dureuem, vegetarisch pide, vegetarisch pizza) ,

  3. Mexican (may have egg and cheese) (vegetarish Burritos, Enchilada, Quesadillas etc)

  4. Italian (pizza, pasta, maconi, risotto etc)..

  5. Chinese/Thai

Along with that we have Vegetarian flammkuchen available in many pubs/joints across the country (its like a thin pizza)

Some Indian food options:

  • Agra-Mahal Restaurant (Bahnhofstraße 1b, 67059 Ludwigshafen am Rhein)

  • Manju Imbiss (Zollhofstraße 4, 67061 Ludwigshafen am Rhein)

  • Indian Pub and Restaurant (Schwetzinger Straße 6, 68165 Mannheim)

  • Indisch Kuche Delhi Imbiss (Walzmuehle 67059, Ludwigshafen)

  • Little India Imbiss (T2, 17, 68161 Mannheim)

  • Raja Rani Imbiss (Friedrichstrasse 15, Heidelberg)

  • Indian Palace Restaurant (L 14, 10, 68161 Mannheim)

  • House of India (Goethe Strasse 8, 68161 Mannheim)

Acknowledgement: Information about Vegetarian restaurants and Indian food options is provided by Mr.Mayank Agarwal

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