German Bank account

Girokonto ( Current Account )

This is current account, which is mandatory to get your salary credited to your account. You cann't live without this account.

Most financial transactions are completed using this type of account, such as receiving wages or paying rent. In general, a current account allows you to:

    • withdraw money from your bank using an EC-card. This is normally free of charge at your own bank's ATMs, but a fee of several EUR may be charged for withdrawing money from other banks' ATMs

    • transfer money to pay bills using transfer forms

    • set up regular fixed amount payments (e.g. your rent) paid by standing order

    • set up regular payments (even of variable amounts, e.g. telephone bills and health insurance contributions) to be paid by direct debit.

Interest rate: 0%

Documents required to open this account:

    • Passport

    • Letter or contract of employment from your employer

    • Salary slip

Once you have opened this account, provide following account information to your employer, so that salary will be credit to this account.

    1. BLZ : This is unique code of bank where you have your account.

    2. Account Number

Note: Your bank statements are required for tax return and other purposes in future, so Download your bank statements in pdf format every month/quarter and keep them safe for future reference. Online bank account statements are available only for last 6 months

Below is a list of bank where fellow Indians have opened their account and their experiences with these bank branches. Hope it helps to take your decision.

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