Child Birth in Germany

You need to look for hospitals before the birth of child.

After the child is born, you need to complete following formalities:

Birth certificate for your child

(Thanks to Mr. Rahul Ravindra From Darmstadt)

Normally the hospital will arrange for the Birth Certificate a day after the birth. Therefore, unlike in India parents should be prepared with the name - cant keep it pending till 'x' days after birth as followed in some customs

The 'no objection' clause for the name does not apply for the Indian babies. In Germany the state reserves the right to refuse the name chosen for a German citizen. Just to ensure people don't go too crazy with giving crazy names to their children :)

Documents needed for the birth certificate are

    • Completed Application Form - Signatures of both parents are needed. Provided by hospital.

    • Copies of the passports of both parents - Carry original with you for verification

    • Copy of the Marriage Certificate - Carry original with you for verification

    • Copies of the Birth Certificate of both parents - Carry original with you for verification (Some offices may ask e.g. in Dortmund !!)

Fees - are normally Euro 5 per copy. One can ask for more that one certified original. Don't forget to ask for international birth certificate.

If you do not have the documents at the time in hospital, then the hospital will guide you the place in your area where you can get the certificates. The certificates can either be picked up on your own or you can ask for a delivery to a desired address - will come at a nominal fee.

Getting Indian Passport for Child from Indian Consulate

On-line Application for Birth registration of a minor child is mandatory now. Handwritten birth registrations are not allowed anymore.

You may visit following website and register the child and go with a printed copy. The URL is given below:

  1. You will get indian Passport within a week

  2. The following documents / items are required for the application:

      • Application form, filled out completely (can be downloaded from

      • 4 passport-size colour photographs of the child, taken recently.

      • Birth certificate of the child (original + copy).

      • Passports of the child's parents (original + copy).

      • Copy of a residence permit, in case not endorsed on the parents' passports.

      • Marriage certificate of the parents (attestation is not required, although it is mentioned on website of consulate)

      • Letter from German authorities (Negativbescheinigung zur deutschen Staatsangehörigkeit ) confirming that the child has not been issued any German document

i. This document can be procured from city office from where you get residence certificate.

ii. Sometimes, you may simply give them an undertaking on a plain paper with the application form that baby has not obtained German nationality. Please confirm from Indian consulate over phone.

      • Fee : EUR 42, 00 (Eur 40.00+ Eur 2.00) + EUR 27, 00 (Eur 25.00+ Eur 2.00) – Birth Certificate (passport will be valid for 5 years).

3. Applicant shall apply in person as the Declaration and L-Form to be signed in front of the Consular officer.

4. Consulate also ask for registration of birth (They give application form in consulate itself).

After printing the application, paste applicant’s recent passport (35*35), size photograph on the printed application and submit it along with the necessary documents to the respective Embassy/Consulates.

Applicant shall apply in person as the Declaration and L-Form to be signed in front of the Consular officer.

Getting Visa or Residence permit for child and Tax card update

  1. You should apply for residence permit within 6 months of birth of child

  2. Application can be made in KVR.

  3. Application form can be downloaded from here. This form is for Munich. Please let us know the link for other cities if you know

  4. Please note that KVR is not working on Wednesday for this service. (see more details on

  5. Fees for Residence permit : Euro 25.

  6. Photograph of baby is not required.

  7. KVR address is given in this link. You must have been there earlier for your own anmeldung.

  8. As always you go to the office depending on your surname and take a waiting no.