Entry into Germany

Preparation from India

The below may not be complete list, please let us know your experience, to make it better. Many of the items are relevant to people going on Work permit only.


    1. Go through this website :)

    2. Get friends in the city you are going to. Take help from mentor on this website (A free service)


    1. Learn

      • German Language : At least basic words

      • Cooking : will help you a lot if you can not find food

      • German proficiency for immigration purpose : learn from Goethe Institute( Owned by German Govt) in your city

      • http://www.goethe.de/ins/in/en/lp.html

    • If you want to use German proficiency for immigration purpose, then only German language certificates issued by Goethe Institute are recognized by German immigration authorities)

    • Even if you have learned German from any other Institute or University, You can appear for Exams at Goethe Institute

    1. Know about Air travel baggage allowance (check in baggage :1 piece of max 20 Kg.+ hand baggage : 6 Kg). Plan accordingly what to carry and what not.

    2. Open bank account for your parents, if they don't have.

    3. Open NRI account for yourself.

    4. Convert your Resident savings Bank account to NRO account.

    5. International Driving License : The Full name in your International Driving license should match Full Name in your passport.


    1. Cooking utensils : Most of the things will be available in Germany with your furnished apartment but there are few Indian thing which may not be available or it make be problematic initially to buy one.

      • Pressure cooker : Don't for forget it's whistle. :) .

      • Frying Pan

      • Tava

      • Chakla

      • Belan

      • Tweezer (Chimta)

      • Tea filter (Chalni)

      • Masala (For first few days)

      • Ghee (your favorite brand :)).

    2. Clothing: Check the weather. If it is winter, take appropriate clothing with you. Also plan to buy from there since clothing over there would be of better quality.

    3. Medicines : First aid and other few medicines which you think are important

    4. Electrical Appliance: Please note that although the electrical voltage is same as India, the electrical plugs are different and you will need adapter to fit your electrical device into German plugs.


    1. Passport with valid Visa

    2. Hotel booking and address : Book a service apartment with kitchen if you plan to cook yourself.

    3. Air Ticket

    4. Health Insurance

    5. International Driving License (if applicable)

    6. Your client address

    7. Forex with Euro coins of 50 Cents and 1 EURO (If you can manage, useful for airport transit to use trolley)

    8. Copy of Employment Contract

    9. Copy of Educational Degree Certificates

    10. Original Marriage certificate

    11. Original Birth certificates of Children

All documents to be translated to English if they are in Vernacular language.

Apostille/Attestation of original Educational( bachelors and master degree & Phd ) documents, personal documents like Marriage certificate can be done by http://mea.gov.in/apostille.htm

Things to do as you enter in Germany

There are few things which must be done at arrival in Germany (For work):

      1. Plan your local conveyance. This is the time when you need to travel more and would like to avoid cost on travel. Check about weekly, monthly ticket.

      2. Find apartment

-Inform your gas/electricity agency. Your landlord will help you here.

      1. Register residence address (Anmendung)

      2. Residence permit (Aufenthaltserlaubnis)

      3. Health Insurance

      4. Open Bank account

      5. Permanent work permit (Arbeitsgenehmigung)

      6. Tax card

      7. Inform your employer about all above, they might request for above anyway

      8. Ensure that you get social security card. Check your salary slip.

      9. Transfer money to India (See link why you should do from first month itself if you are supporting dependents in India)

      10. Learn German (must know at least below)

          • Counting

          • Days of week

          • Months

          • How to get help and such other things

Additional things if applicable

Following is list of Local municipal office /Rathaus/KVR offices in various cities

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