Housing is one of key need as you enter into Germany. How to find a place to stay ? What are the average rent in that particular area?

Research when you are in India

First of all, we would like to list down some the key website which you can refer to know the benchmark rates and plan accordingly.

DON'T PAY ONLINE TO anybody before visiting the place and getting satisfied yourself. There may be scam so be careful in making payments.

For apartment without commission, look for ''provisionsfrei'' meaning no commission for the apartment

  1. All over Germany

2. Homelike is an german online booking platform which offers temporary furnished apartments from one month rental in the biggest cities in Germany. The advantage is, that it is an entire online booking process. (In English)

3. German Youth Hostel Association or DJH : http://www.jugendherberge.de/en

4. Airbnb :https://www.airbnb.co.in/s/Germany

5.Berlin : https://www.berlinovo.de/en/suche-apartments

6. Munich: www.lizfrey-relocation.com (In English)

7. Munich: Mr. Lodge (In English)

8. Frankfurt

9. Cologne, Bonn, Dusseldorf:

10. Dusseldorf : duesseldorf.e-rent

There is a study published about 4 major real estate tested on four criteria. Refer to following link:

German Link English translation link

To rent an apartment or stay in Hotel

The accommodation depends upon whether you are in Germany for long term or short team. Sometime it might be difficult to get apartment on rental basis when you are for short term.

Options for short term:

    1. Get Service apartment. The can be really good options as you don't need to worry

    2. Hotel stay

    3. Rent an Apartment

Options for Long term stay:

    1. Rent an Apartment

    2. Sharing with your friend (if he is willing to)

Help in Finding an Apartment

    1. We understand that the easiest and cheapest way of finding and apartment is through word of mouth. Your friends and colleagues often know of places in their own area, or one being vacated by an Indian leaving Germany. In this case, it is matter of transfer of house from one family to another, it is also convenient for landlord. So, we are providing option here to list down your housing requirement or post availability of house on rent so that fellow Indians can contact you.

    1. The other possible option is real estate agent (immobilienmakler). You are not required pay any commission to the real estate agent. The legal situation in Germany regarding commission changed as of 2015, now there is no commission for tenants; it is instead paid by the landlords. When someone is asking a tenant for a commission it might even be a scam.

    2. Newspaper and websites are another less expensive way. Ads appear in most newspaper as it happens in India. Ask your colleagues for days. But you need to be very fast to call and their may be language problem.

Key facts to note before renting out

    1. There are certain rules on the minimum size of the apartment based on family size. Make sure to adhere to it.

    2. An agreement to rent an apartment or house for a fixed term can't be terminated early except under extraordinary circumstances. A transfer is usually not an extraordinary circumstance. Discuss with landlord in advance if you plan to leave early.

    3. Monthy rent consists of two parts: the rent, which cannot be changed for the duration of the lease; and the Umlagen - or Nebenkosten - which can. The latter can include such things as a share of the landlord's property tax, heat, stairwell cleaning, trash collection and water. If the price of one of these is raised during the period covered by the lease, your Umlagen can be increased accordingly. You generally pay separately for your electricity and gas, though these can be included in the Umlagen. And you might also pay separately for some of the things we mentioned as being in the Umlagen, especially heat.

    4. KM Kalt Miete (cold rent) is just the rent without additional maintainance costs

      1. WM Warm Miete (warm rent ) is including building maintainance and possibly includes remote heating for room and water supply. In addition it is the responsibility of the Leaser to get additional contracts for electricity and possibly gas heating with the local city authorities typically called "stadtwerke"

      2. Make sure you are at least talking about WM and additional Elec expenses.

    5. Before you take apartment on rent, check the items that is in the apartment and cross check it with the list. Note down any deficiencies and bring it to the notice to the landlord. This is simply protection for you and your landlord.

    6. Install satellite dishes and television or radio antennas only with the permission of the landlord and in compliance with local laws.

    7. Inform the landlord immediately of any damage to gas, water or electrical lines.

Garbage recycling etiquette

German household garbage recycling system is most impressive. It will surely annoy your neighbors if you disregard the recycling rules. There may be small variation in recycling policies and regulations from town to town. Ask your landlord about recycling rules in your town.

Drinking Water

You may like the taste of drinking water or it is hard. Ask your friends/colleagues whether it is safe or not to drink tap water. It varies from city to city. You need to buy water filter to make it safe for drinking. A image of such a water filter given for reference purpose.