Hospital / Medical help

German medical care is excellent. They provide you utmost care.

Since in Germany everybody has health insurance, so don't need to pay much to the doctor, there is very minimal contribution is required from individual for every visit.

You can find English speaking doctors easily. The support staff may not know English but they will try their best to explain you or find someone for translation.

You will be surprised to see the facilities and care given by the Govt. Hospital. We recommend you to see the Govt. hospital as they have most talented doctors. For routines checkup you need to visit private clinics.

Here is a list of hospitals with recommendation from Indians.

In case of emergency

Call 112. But before you call ensure that this is a real emergency.

Medical store (Apotheke)

The medical store is called "Apotheke", you can identify it by the red image as shown in picture.

The Pharmacies are open 0900-1800 Monday to Friday and 0900-1200 Saturday. Closed on Sunday.


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